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When a generation of alpha-influencers mixes with full-on, instant access to information, the “new,” the “first,” and the “only” have incredible value.

Enter The New Stand. Not the old “newsstand,” mind you. The NEW STAND.

What’s at The New Stand? Not newspapers, junk food, and soda.  But fancy snacks, cheap art, green juice, and high fashion. And often, what’s at The New Stand is stuff you can find before it shows up anywhere else. That’s right.

And even MORE interesting is what’s NOT at The New Stand.

It’s in the APP!


In the physical world, The New Stand lives underground (as it should) in three locations within the NYC subway system – just where you might expect to find an old newsstand. And, the coming expansion to NYC ferries is a spot-on brand extension.  The goal?  To make your daily routine anything but.

At a time when retail is struggling, The New Stand partners with brands to bring the brand experience to life in a high-touch way.

But the retail stores are just the tip of The New Stand iceberg. Even though the name and locations might suggest a simple makeover of the old “newsstand,” The New Stand is distinctively a media company to which the offline stores are a portal to a bigger world of new.

So, no matter which way you’re coming or going, whether you’re walking by or connected through the App or Instagram, The New Stand delivers on its promise: HAVE A NEW DAY.



“HAVE A NEW DAY” beautifully captures the brand’s purpose and inspires Lovers to experience the brand in a human, simple, and compelling way.



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