Are you taking your brand too seriously? In this world of defining your “noble purpose,” it’s not hard to fall into the trap of over-thinking what your brand is really about. But in the serious times we live in, people are increasingly looking for light-hearted ways to escape. Can your brand help lighten the existential load?

Free Range Brands don’t blindly follow the trends that everyone else is following. That’s for sheep. We create our own.  And that means it’s a-OK to simply be who you are.

Take some time to ask yourself or your team – what is simple and likeable about us? Has anyone ever made fun of us? If so, consider yourself lucky! There is a human truth there that is ripe to explore rather than hide from. If not, can you find the fun angle yourself? Challenge your team to have some honest fun with how you talk about your products or services.  Come up with some SNL-type sketches to get things going. You’ll be surprised at what human truths emerge.


Jolly Rancher doesn’t over-think who they are and what role they play in people’s lives.  They’re not trying to be “lower calorie” or “better for you” in some way. They’re not trying to hide from the obesity epidemic or solve the problems of the world. They’re celebrating things that suck!

The brand’s KEEP ON SUCKING campaign hits the perfect sweet spot. The clever link between the candy’s ever-present, functional attribute (long-lasting) and a fun point of view gives Jolly Rancher the “in” on endless social conversations, creating a humanizing effect that can evolve with time and always be relevant.

So no matter what it is … finals, bad internships, sucky sports stars, you name it, Jolly Rancher can either participate in or drive the conversation on its own terms.

So, how can you lighten up?