It’s easy to get buried in the daily storm of tasks and mini-crises. But, good news, a nice distraction, simply doesn’t demand action. And so it rarely gets much of our energy.

Are we undervaluing good news? Even the smallest bit? Could good news actually be game changing for you or your business? Seth Godin believes in keeping track of every positive thing that happens as a key to his success. Are you taking the time to tune into the wins, no matter how small?

Start simple. Have any of your customers, followers, or reviewers said something positive about you or your company? Something, that perhaps, you even noticed but didn’t do much with? Even the smallest little gem can be profound. Look through your feed, your reviews, your re-tweets. What’s there?  Any good news?  

Take it out. If it’s old (that’s ok), dust it off. What is it saying about you? What can it do for you? Examine it. Understand it. Build off of it. Put it to work. These are the gems that are worth their weight in gold.

A review doesn’t get more simple than that. So simple, so pure, so authentic … so overlook-able. But Emerald Nuts didn’t look at it that way. unnamed (1)

In fact, the brand decided to build an entire campaign around it. And the best part? It’s not the brand preaching to its customers. It’s customer to customer. This is what community building is all about.

According to a brand insider: “Emerald Nuts believes in championing their customer and fans—they’re not going to tell you how good their nuts are; they’re going to let their customers do it for them.”